Most Excellent Sex Position Ever

I am about to make public the best sex position ever. The technique will allow the female to enjoy as many orgasms as she can stand and they will be the biggest, most earth-shattering orgasms of her life. Any man capable of correctly performing this sex position at sex dating on a woman will be revered by her as her best sexual partner.

Best Ever Sex Position

Best Ever Sex Position

The man and woman are naked and relaxed. For reasons to be explained shortly, the woman will relieve her bladder beforehand. The sex dating woman is then encouraged to lie comfortably on her stomach upon the bed with her thighs slightly parted.

The G-spot is gently rubbed; any way is appropriate: side to side or in a circular motion, as long as it is gentle. Treatment of the G-spot is similar to that of the clitoris in this initial stage. In other words, it is handled moderately, languidly. The dating websites woman feels herself rising to a climax, coupled with a sensation of needing to urinate. But she ignores the sensation emanating from her bladder.

Sex Couple

Sex Couple

Within a couple of minutes of her inflamed G-spot being manipulated, the woman experiences a huge, body-rocky G-spot orgasm. It is several times more powerful than the more commonplace clitoral orgasm. Now, depending on the adult dating woman’s overall level of health and fitness, the man can resume G-spot manipulation within thirty seconds to two minutes of the orgasm.

This article is, of course, about the best sex position ever. So I will now describe the second phase of coupling wherein the man substitutes his penis for, used up until now, his thumb. The man lies on his back and the woman mounts him, allowing his erect penis to completely penetrate her vagina. The free dating woman is now able to ride the man for and angle her body appropriately so the head of his penis is hitting her sensitive G-spot.

I think you can appreciate how this is clearly the best sex position ever. In a single evening a woman is able to experience hundreds of orgasms, larger than ever before, and the man is, of course, revered for giving the woman such grandiose heights of sexual ecstasy.


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